Dry Cleaning Management Software

Lost Clothes & Wrong Deliveries?

Track each garment throughout the workflow, ensure the orders readiness or time, no wrong deliveries.

Grow Your Business

Run your business like a professional and transform yourself from store keeper to a businessman.

Enhance Customer Experience

Be relevant to the changing lifestyle of customers with Emails & SMS communication.

Blend of Dry Cleaning and Technology

We are you! We are 2nd generation Dry Cleaners with 100 years of combined tech experience.

Reduce Waste and Increase Profits

Information is now on your fingertips to control your business, improve efficiency, reduce expenses.

Not a Techie!! Not a problem!!

You stay focussed on your core business and clients while we take care of the technology needs.

Tailor Management Software

SSR changes way you business. You can keep eye on each operation of an order. From cutting to stitching,every step will be recorded. No headache to maintain separate books to keep records of wages, measurements, deliveries, or trial schedule.

Measurement and Style Preferences

Track each garment throughout the workflow, ensure the orders readiness or time, no wrong deliveries.

Process management

Create workflow of a work order, and track every process. for example, to prepare a Shirt, we need Cutting, Stitching, and ironing processes. You can map and track workflow of process required with their respective duration and wages.

Work allocation and collection

Work allocation and collection in GB LABS Luca is super easy. Every time you took a order, you can print a tag or measurement slip, with a unique barcode. You only need to select a active worker and scan the barcode

Quick order tracking

Luca has robust dashboard, which shows statistics of pending work orders, pending deliveries/trials and much more. You can track a work order using customer name, code, invoice reference or even using mobile number.

Delivery on time

Delivery on time, is very crucial task in tailoring business. Luca enables you to manage work very efficiently, so you can always deliver item on time. You can schedule trial with date and time, you can make trial notes and book re-trial.

Payroll and Wage Calculation

Are you tired of manual calculation of wage? Now it's time to relax. Luca make calculation of wage very easy. You just need to configure wage policy (standard rates or worker wise rates), and luca will prepare periodic payrolls.

Group/Parents accounts

Joint families in India is common, in tailoring business we've many families as customer. Luca enables you to map customers to a family, you can view joint accounts and manage their jobs as a group. So its easy to handle jobs of families, specially in wedding season.

Accounting with inventory

Luca is complete software pack to manage accounts with inventory. Its double entry accounting system, which enables you, to manage taxes, receivables, payables, purchase and much more. Luca supports multi company, so you can keep data of different firms/companies on single a machine.

Email/Sms notifications

Send Email/SMS notification to customers. You can send Delivery alerts, trial reminders to customer via sms. You can send invoice as an attachment to customers email.