Education Sector

Education Sector

What Makes Us Different?

Education is the key to the task of nation-building for any country. The Indian education system recognizes the role of education in instilling the values of secularism, egalitarianism, respect for democratic traditions and civil liberties and quest for justice.

Study Says: There is a huge demand for upgradation of education as India is expected to have a surplus of 47 million people in the working age group by 2020. As a result, both the formal education sector (including K-12 and higher education) as well as informal sector (including coaching institutions, pre-schools and vocational institutions) are witnessing rapid growth.

We have been working for education sector continuously for innovative and comprehensive educational solution which help teachers ,students and guardians .Laconic’s products ensure in depth understanding of today’s educational smart needs.

We Offer

  • Unity 3D Corona
  • Sencha
  • Mobile
  • Appcelerator
  • Titanium
  • jQuery Mobile
  • PhoneGap